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Welcome to Grassfire where we display and talk about all kinds of art. Art is our lives and we all think that without it we would live in a very dark and disturbing world. Our focus here on this site is to showcase some of the best photography and street art that we come across, as well as any other type of cultural self-expression that we think fits in with our style. Whether you are into art as a cultural movement or are the type to frequent museums, you will find something here that you will love.

What You Will Find Here

For a long time, street art has been a hot subject of debate. Is it vandalism, or is it art? If you are on this page you already know which side of the fence we sit on. In case it isn’t already clear, though, we can say that the majority is most definitely art. Just take a look at some of the famous street artists who have graced our neighborhoods. MOMO and El Tono are a couple of examples from San Fransisco, and another Californian goes by Gaia. Guy Debord from Paris is another notable mention and there is also, of course, the famous Banksy. The list is almost endless and we are sure that you will like what we have here.

Photography is another thing you will see a lot of here. It is one of the most respected, and practiced, forms of art around today. It is hard to tell sometimes if the photographs you are looking at would be considered to be in the category of “art”, but we are here to help. All of our photographs have passed our tests and we are more than happy to share our finds with you.

Enjoy Your Stay

We know that you are going to love what you find here. We try to keep the best artwork on here that we can find and we update it all the time. If you are curious about what is going on in this industry, you have definitely landed on the right page. Feel free to leave feedback and comments on our contact page. We would love to hear from you.