Photography Tips for Beginners

Photography is fast becoming one of the more popular pastimes. With the recent surge in social media such as Instagram, photography is more accessible than ever. However, whilst it may be easy to do it is not easy to master. Outlined below are some simple tips that can help a beginner on their way to becoming a pro.

Cheap can be good

A lot of people make their first mistake when buying their camera. Just because professionals use top of the line expensive equipment does not mean that everyone should be. Great photos can be taken on simple point and shoots, and even on a smart phone. It is important for beginners to get the feel of a camera, the style they want and the type of camera they might like before actually going the whole way and splashing out for something that they might not end up using.

Live with the camera

This might seem like an odd statement but it is one of the most important. Photography opportunities come up all the time. A photographer should always be prepared for that perfect or icon moment. May opportunities can easily be missed otherwise. It is easy to carry a camera around, a small bag will do nicely or even just have a smart phone handy whenever you are out and about simply to take notes on something that seemed interesting.

Shot lists

Following on from the previous point, if you cannot always have you camera then it is important to be able to keep a record of things, people, places that have inspired you. When writing these types of notes things such as lighting, time of day and weather are important as these will help to recreate the perfect moment that you are looking for.

Learning is fun!

Whilst it may seem a daunting task, learning photography is fun. It is also never-ending. There is always going to be something inspiring and when looking through the lens, the world is seen completely differently. Objects or scenes that once appeared mundane or even boring will suddenly have a new lease of life in your eyes and become fascinating subjects to study. In addition, learning the actual camera techniques is also a long process. This can be made fun by simply experimenting on your own rather than having to attend some long and possibly stuffy course. This time of playing and learning will help you to find your own individual style without any outside pressure to “do things correctly.”

At the end of the day, photography is all about you. What you put in is what you will take out.