The most stunning places to take pics

The world we live in is a fascinating place with lots of hidden gems and scenic views many might not know of.  If
you are looking for some places which will give you the best
panoramic photos, you will be showing off to your family and friends,
you should continue reading. Below are listed five of the
most suggested, breathtaking places which you should visit to take
great pictures!


    • Grand Canyon – The Grand Canyon is 277 miles long, located in Arizona, United States.  The awe-inspiring views could be enjoyed from up above, on a plane ride, or from down below along the river.  Thousands of tourists visit the Canyon yearly to enjoy the spectacular sunset views, wildlife, plant life and all its natural beauty.


    • Milford Sound – Discover this unique, natural wonder, located in New Zealand, which boasts of unharmed beauty.  This magical place needs to be seen to be appreciated.  Your eyes will feast on a combination of the mountanious range, deep, blue waters  and forestation, which combine perfectly together in this utterly scenic attraction.


    • The Dolomites – The dolomites are located in Italy and form part of the Alps Mountain range.  If you are lucky you might capture snow peaks above the green, flower meadows, underlying the blue sky.  The Dolomites truly offer a stunning landscape enjoyed by all.


    • Taj Mahal – The Taj Mahal consists of a grand, majestic mausoleum, located in Agra India.  Its facade is adorned with ivory-white marble and the mosque is surrounded by its imperial, courtly gardens.  This property is an integral part of India’s history and is truly a masterpiece of architecture.


  • Malta – Malta could hardly be located on a world map as it is a speck of an island in the Mediterranean Sea, set between Sicily and the coast of North Africa.  Despite its small size, Malta is world-renowned for its historic sites and has numerous temples and fortresses that cannot be missed by any photograph enthusiast. Its beaches, located mostly towards the North of the Island, are numerous and simply cannot be resisted by anybody.  Your photo album should most definitely include the Blue Lagoon, which boasts of crystal-clear, azure-coloured, shallow seas and is absolutely a little paradise accessible only by boat.


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